Teign Village Allotment Association Minutes – 28 April 2014

ATTENDEES                                      ​​​​​​​

Jan Williamson ​​​​​​​

Tim Hearthward

Anne Hazelden

Fran Bushell

Gerald Brock

Dave Belamy

Jean Sharpe

Mike Campling

Norma Webber

  1. Plots 51 & 53 need to be measured and marked as Dave and Jill Hewlett want to start working plot 51. A tenancy agreement is to be sent to the Hewletts.
  2. There are two outstanding rent payments. Both tenants have been reminded.
  3. Hennock Parish Council have granted permission for the allotment water supply; subject to the survey. They also requested more information regarding the regulations which has been provided by Tim.
  4. The hedge bordering Steve Whitton’s allotment needs to be cut or layed properly in the autumn. Jan will raise this at the Parish Council meeting as it is their responsibility in the first instance.
  5. Plot 3 is now under the tenancy of Mary Cook as Val Bunclark has been reimbursed for the rent. A tenancy agreement will be sent out to Mary Cook.
  6. There is a tenant prepared to take on plot 12A. A working party has been planned for Friday 9th May at 6.30pm to clear the rubbish and recycling.
  7. The survey for the water supply will take place on Saturday 10th May by Tim, Mike and Mark Hazelden. The cost of the work has been estimated at £930. The bank balance after the rent has been paid is £1300 so there will be a small remainder.
  8. The padlock is no longer working on the top gate. Dave will make enquiries regarding the repair of the other broken gate.

The date of the next meeting is Tuesday 3rd June 2014 in the upstairs room at the Social Club.

Jan Williamson – yogajanw@hotmail.com – 01626 853236

Tam Russell – Russell_tam@hotmail.com – 01626 854855

Jean Sharp – jsharprogers@gmail.com – 01626 859175

Fran Bushell – liambushell@btinternet.com – 01626 332406

Mike Campling – Mikeycampling@btinternet.com – 01626 852728

Tim Hearthward – Tim Hearthward@environment-agency.gov.uk – 07810 813743

Anna Hazelden – anne.hazelden@me.com – 07983 476475

Norma Webber – 01626 852228

Dave Bellamy – 01626 852081

Gerald Brock – 01626 852473

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