Newsletter – Summer 2014

Here is the second installment of our newsletter. We have had successful first year and have started the second year with some exciting plans for the site.

Good news! Our allotments are going to have a water supply! This has been in the planning stage for a long time but we are now ready to go ahead.

The supply will be fed from a header tank situated at the top of the allotments with stand pipes at regular intervals through the allotment site. The capacity of the tank will be sufficient for 6 watering cans per plot.  The tank will then have to be replenished before further water can be drawn. The supply of water will not be sufficient for the use of hose pipes and we will still need to collect as much rainwater as possible. The one off cost of installing this will use the majority of our funds for this year but this will obviously be of major benefit for everyone.

Shortly we will be asking for volunteers to help dig the trench to accommodate the water pipe along the middle path through the site. Young or old, big or small, we would welcome your help. If you can spare the whole day, fantastic but don’t let that put you off; 30 minutes or an hour is better than nothing.

We are hoping to start this within the next month so everyone can benefit over the summer.


We have negotiated discounts with French’s Nursery (On the Teign Valley Road) 10% off plants.

Fermoy’s 10% discount on all plants and garden products and 2% discount is available at Mole Valley. Please see Jan at No.24 Teign Village if you are interested and she will give you a discount card or the relevant account number.

Waiting List

For the first time in a good long while, there are no vacant plots so we could shortly be in a waiting list situation. When a vacant plot becomes available, priority will be given to people who don’t already have a plot. If you have decided that you no longer wish to continue with your allotment, please contact a committee member as there may be people waiting.

A gentle reminder of a couple of things we should all be aware of:

It is fantastic that we have so many families as allotment plot holders now and love our keen younger gardeners but can parents please supervise their children at all times.

Contrary to popular belief, the keeping of pet rabbits on the allotments is not permitted. This is to prevent the significant damage that can be caused by an escaped rabbit.

Please don’t light fires before 6pm and only to burn garden rubbish. Plastic and rubber should not be burnt under any circumstances.

If you have any problems or would like to draw our attention to something you are welcome to attend any committee meeting please ask any member of the committee for a list of dates.

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