Teign Village Allotment Association Minutes – 24 March 2014

ATTENDEES                                                                         APOLOGIES

Jan Williamson                                                                         Jean Sharp

Tim Hearthward

Anne Hazelden

Norma Webber

Matters arising from site inspection on 15th March 2014

  1. Plots 6 & 7 to be measures and compared to average plot sizes to clarify rental charges for 2015/16.  For this year, plot 7 was billed for £20 and plot 6 was FOC due to its uncultivated condition.
  2. Plots 51 & 53 have no path running the length of the plots. In light of this and the need for a turning circle at that end of the allotments, these plots will be split horizontally. Plot 51 will remain a workable plot on the village side with plot 53 bordering the back track and being used as a turning area.
  3. Plot 12 has been split into two (12a & 12b) with C. Hearne retaining the tenancy of 12a . Due to the location of the shed and greenhouse, 12b will be a smaller plot charged at £17.50 and C. Hearne will pay £22.50. At the end of the current tenancy of plot 12a, the shed and greenhouse will be removed and the boundary moved to be in line with plots 13 & 13a as agreed with C. Hearne on 15th March 2014.
  4. Tim kindly carried out a feasibility study of supplying the allotments with water from a storage tank situated on plot 4 (the copse).

A 5000L tank costing £842.20 would take 7 hours to fill and provide each allotment plot with 20 watering cans full of water twice a day.

A 1500L tank costing £232.80 would fill in two hours and give each plot 6 watering cans twice a day. It was decided that the 1500l tank was sufficient for most allotment holders needs bearing in mind that the committee will still actively encourage plot holders collecting their own water in addition to this.

We would be able to fill the tank from the stream at the rear of the allotments without the need for an abstraction licence providing the tank was not filled at a rate exceeding 0.2l/second.

Approximately 450m of piping would be needed. 25mm diameter pipe would cost £253.80 and 32mm piping would cost £413.64. It is likely that a combination of both piping sizes would be needed.

9 standpipes would be needed to supply the allotments along the central path at a cost of £150 and a base of compacted gravel for the tank with an estimated cost of £100. The total estimated cost for the project would be around £900.

This is subject to approval from the Parish Council and surveying work but will be put to the AGM on the 31st March.

Jan Williamson – yogajanw@hotmail.com – 01626 853236

Tam Russell – Russell_tam@hotmail.com – 01626 854855

Jean Sharp – jsharprogers@gmail.com – 01626 859175

Mike Campling – Mikeycampling@btinternet.com – 01626 852728

Tim Hearthward – Tim Hearthward@environment-agency.gov.uk – 07810 813743

Anna Hazelden – anne.hazelden@me.com – 07983 476475

Norma Webber – 01626 852228

Dave Bellamy – 01626 852081

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