Teign Village Allotment Association AGM Minutes – 12 March 2013


  • Jan Williamson welcomed and thanked all those for coming and gave an overview of the current picture and how the association is set up.
    • We are a unregistered association
    • We have three trustees, Jan Williamson, Jean Sharp and Tim Hearthward
    • We have now signed our contract with the Parish Council and officially run the allotments
    • Confirmed that the acreage of the plots as 3.6acres
    • Confirmed that the council are responsible for maintaining the top and bottom small hedges and that the association are responsible for maintaining the larger two hedges either side of the site
    • Confirmed that the association are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of gates and fences
    • Confirmed that the association are not responsible for the Orchard
    • We have secured external funding of £650.00 from HogCo and Dartmoor Sustainable Development Fund
    • Public Liability Insurance purchased to cover working parties and volunteers but not those under 16 years of age
    • Our bank is the Co-Operative Bank.
  • Tam Russell voiced concerns over recent and historic fly tipping on or around the site and it was a unanimous decision that steps will be made to ensure that anyone caught fly tipping will be reported to the police.  It was also suggested and agreed that signs would be displayed on the boundaries to reiterate this. Tim Hearthward to organise signage.
  • Sylvie Beer brought to the meeting concerns over dogs roaming free on the site and it was agreed that all dogs should remain on leads at all times and were not allowed to roam the site under any circumstances.
  • Sylvie Beer brought to the meeting concerns that children should not be allowed on the allotments unless accompanied by an adult, after discussion it was decided that it would be good practice for children to be accompanied by an adult when on the site.
  • Anne Hazledon to change contact details and information on Devon Website for new Association.
  • Dave Bellamy to collate a list of jobs that need doing on the site.
  • Val Bunclarke stepped down from the committee and  Gerald Brook confirmed that he would join.
  • Mike Campling to speak to Victor Beer regarding link to be set up from Hennock Website to TVAA website.
  • Official start of Association 25 March 2013.  Date of next meeting 25 March 2013.


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