Teign Village Allotment Association Minutes – 14 January 2013

ATTENDEES                                                                        APOLOGIES

Jan Williamson                                                                        Val Bunclarke

Tam Russell

Jean Sharp

Mike Campling

Tim Hearthward

Anna Hazelden

Norma Webber

Dave Bellamy


  1. JS handed out income sheets for allotments rent and expenditure; based on 56 plots the association would have £516.00 for the maintenance fund per year.
  2. JW confirmed that the funding had been signed off by the PC and that the grant of £400 awarded.  In order for this money to be paid JS to go ahead and open the bank account with The Co-operative.  JS confirmed that we did not need a contract to open the account.
  3. JW confirmed that the PC would be meeting with the PC Allotment committee to discuss our tenancy agreement, contract and constitution and that it had been stressed to the PC that the contract needed to be signed ASAP.
  4. Hogco have visited and explained the procedure for joining the association and the PC have confirmed they are happy for TVAA to become part of Hogco.
  5. Quotations to be obtained for a notice board that funding of £250 from Hogco could go towards.
  6. JW and TR to meet before 11 February to put together a draft letter for the tenants in preparation of the meeting in March 2013.

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