Teign Village Allotment Association Minutes – 10 December 2012

ATTENDEES                                                                         APOLOGIES

Jan Williamson                                                                      Fiona McGregor Peirce

Tam Russell                                                                             Jean Sharp

Mike Campling

Tim Hearthward

Anna Hazelden

Norma Webber

Dave Bellamy

Val Bunclarke

1. JW gave an introduction and overview of the previous weeks PC meeting

  1. Planned take over on 26th March 2013
  2. Must have legal identity in place ASAP,
  3. PC would like agreement to be in place for six years
  4. Annual rent confirmed as £360, (3.6acres) paid 40 days from start of contract
  5. 75% of allotments to be laid to fruit and vegetables
  6. PC not responsible for hedges gates and fences
  7. PC will bring rear track up to standard
  8. Pathway by Orchard Associations responsibility
  9. Hedges on top and bottom of land will be maintained, however hedges and fences on the two sides (long sides) will be that of the association
  10. Tenancy Agreement, Constitution needs to be in place by Jan 8th where a PC meeting will be held


2. Discussion were held around what type of association would be formed and it was decided by a majority vote that the legal Identity would be that of an Unregistered Association.  This would have three trustees that were confirmed as Jan Williamson, Jean Sharp and Tim Hearthward.

  1. It was confirmed that these trustees by liable for any debt incurred as a result of the association but that was deemed improbable.
  2. It was confirmed that these trustees did not necessarily have to be on the committee and that a committee member could resign from the association and still remain a trustee.


3. It was notified through MC that Fiona McGregor Pearce would be standing down from the Committee

4. It was confirmed that the association take out Public Liability Insurance (including employers liability insurance).  JS to check employers liability and what it covers

5. Association would have full control of whether sheds/poly tunnels could be erected and that applications for consent be submitted to the associations writing for their approval

6. Consent for bees and chickens must be submitted in writing for the association to agree.  Bee keepers must be registered with the bee keeping association, have a minimum of five years experience and hold their own public liability insurance.

7. Hogco meeting proposed for 10 Jan 2013 for a member of Hogco to come and give advice on contracts and legal requirements.  It was decided that for the first year the association would stay with Hogco, however as funding dried up and as Hogco become less available that we would look at joining the Allotment Association (in 2014) at an extra cost of £2 per plot

8. It was decided that JW and TR will draw up a draft tenancy Agreement and TH, AH and MC will draw up a draft Constitution and that the committee would reconvene a week later (9th December) to decide and confirm theses agreements

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