Our Constitution

Constitution of Teign Village Allotment Association

1.            The name of the association shall be:

Teign Village Allotment Association (hereinafter ‘the Association’).

2.            The objectives of the Association shall be:

a) To promote the interests of the members with regard to the proper cultivation, good management and enjoyment of the allotments.

b) To Maintain and improve the facilities which help Members to pursue these activities.

c) To maintain and improve the condition of the site as a whole and encourage others to do the same.

d) To conduct negotiations with Hennock Parish Council.

e) To co-operate with other allotment groups/ organisations and individuals in the community in furtherance of the above objectives.

f) To take action to prevent any activity by which the Association may be brought into disrepute.

g) To be a non-profit making organisation.

e) To encourage biodiversity and gardening methods which do not harm the environment generally and actively promote a healthy and safe surrounding for members and their families.

3.            Equal Opportunities

The Association shall operate an equal opportunities policy for all existing members, and for those wishing to become members, and shall avoid any discrimination on the grounds of age, class, employment, sexuality, disability, politics, race, religion or gender.

4.            Membership of the Association:

a) Membership shall consist of Tenants who have paid the appropriate plot rental and one other person per plot.

b) Membership may be refused at the discretion of the Committee in instances where the prospective tenant is considered likely to bring the Association into disrepute, bring harm to the tenants or the site.

c) In extreme circumstances, following the tabling of a specific agenda item to the effect and a majority vote at a General Meeting with a quorum of eleven, membership of the Association may be revoked. The committee shall subsequently issue written notification of the result of the vote to the member in question. Once membership has been revoked, the Tenant will be under notice to vacate their plot. The notice period is stipulated in the tenancy agreement.

5.            Committee of management:

a) The affairs of the Association shall be conducted by a Committee of Management. Officers shall be elected at an Annual General Meeting (AGM). A minimum of Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer shall be elected.

b) Tenure of any post on the Committee shall be voluntary, unpaid and open only to members of the Association.

c) Officers shall be elected for the following year by majority vote at each AGM with a quorum of eleven.

d) Officers shall be eligible for re-election each year.

e) In exceptional circumstances, following the tabling of a specific agenda item to the effect, Officers may be dismissed by a majority vote at a General Meeting, with a quorum of eleven.

f) The Committee shall meet regularly to discuss issues relating to the allotments, no fewer than four times a year.

g) The Committee shall keep accurate records of its dealings which shall be available to its Members.

6.            Association Meetings

a) Members of the Association shall be eligible to vote at General Meetings. Proxy votes shall be allowed by prior arrangement with the Chairperson.

b) An AGM shall be held, at such time as the Committee or General Meeting shall decide.

c) As many other General Meetings may be held each year as considered appropriate by the Committee.

d) Fair advance notice of the date shall be made available to members.

e) Items for the agenda of the next General Meeting shall be communicated to the Secretary a sufficient time in advance to allow preparation for the meeting.

f) The Chairperson shall have the deciding vote.

g) No items to be raised that are in breach section 3.

7.            Finance

a) The Committee shall maintain a bank account in the name of the Association and all monies received from any source, on behalf of the association, shall be paid into that account.

b) Payments shall be made to the Chair, Secretary or Treasurer.

c) Records of all transactions shall be kept and shall be available for inspection by members.

e) Cheques shall be signed by a minimum of two signatories.

f) A Treasurer’s report shall be presented at the AGM.

8. Legal status

The Allotment Association’s legal status is that of an Unregistered Association of Trustees.

a)      The committee will appoint three trustees who shall be responsible for the payment of rent and any breaches of the tenancy agreement held with the land owner.

b)      Each trustee shall serve a term to the end of the current lease held with the land owner unless three months notice in writing to the committee.

c)       Trustees have the right to attend committee meetings even if they cease to be committee members.

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