Teign Village Allotment Association Minutes – 17 December 2012

ATTENDEES                                                                         APOLOGIES

Jan Williamson                                                                       Norma Webber

Tam Russell                                                                             Dave Bellamy

Mike Campling                                                                        Val Bunclarke

Tim Hearthward

Anna Hazelden


  1. Discussions and clarification was held around the Tenancy agreement, amendments were made and all were in agreement of the agreement (see attached)
  2. Discussions and clarification was held around Constitution, amendments were made and all were in agreement of the Constitution (see attached)
  3. Diary of events are
    1. 8th January 2013 meeting with Parish Council to present and discuss above papers and contract
    2. 10th January 2013 at 2.30 meeting with Hogco on site at 2.30pm. TH, JW and TR to attend
    3. 12th February 2013 PC meeting to be held at which point contract to be signed
    4. Letters, contracts and invoices to be sent out in this week to give tenants at least four weeks notice
    5. Proposed AGM on March 12th 2012.  At this point tenants have the chance to pay their rents for the next year and sign the agreements  NW to check Social Clubs availability
    6. 26th March 2013 take over.

It was decided at the meeting that a rent of £20 be paid per plot in 2013 but that it would be made clear at the AGM that this would likely increase in 2014

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